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Stand Against The Pandemic With The Help Of Health-Oriented Veepoo Smartwatch.

Home Exercise With Smartwatch
Home Exercise With Smartwatch

Over the past 2 years, the epidemic has changed the lifestyles of every each one of us, people have gradually placed health as the priority in their lives. The discussion of strengthening physical fitness and enhancing immunity is no longer exclusive to the elderly. The younger generation has also begun to put attention on their health. In order to build a stronger resistance against illness, a healthy body is naturally indispensable. Given the current restriction of going to the gym, jogging at home, yoga, rope skipping, or aerobics have become the most efficient way to exercise. And to reduce the boring feeling during exercise and develop a more scientific exercise rhythm, it is a very good idea to equip yourself with a suitable sport focus and health tracking Veepoo smartwatch, which can monitor your body status such as heart rate, ECG. Combining with the content and video on the mobile phone or TV, you can eliminate the unenthusiastic feeling during exercise, and help to develop a healthy body.

The latest research report shows that despite the interference of the epidemic, in the first half of this year, the global smartwatch market sales still maintained a steady growth of 20%, and the shipment volume was the same as the same period last year. In addition, the top 3 manufacturers in the market share a significant oligopoly, occupying nearly 70% of the market in total. According to another recent report released by the market research company Counterpoint Research on August 20, as the epidemic has increased consumer health awareness and driven the continuous growth of demand for wearable devices, global smartwatch shipments in the first half of this year approached 42 million units. Among them, the most severely affected markets, such as India, Europe and the United States, saw shipments increase by 57%, 9% and 5% annually, offsetting the decline in other markets.

The Counterpoint Research report pointed out that Apple continued to be the market champion. Apple Watch Series 5 was the world's best-selling smartwatch product in the first half of the year, followed by Apple Watch Series 3, Huawei Huawei Watch GT2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

In general, for those who are pursuing health, choose a smartwatch with multiple functions, which can help you to develop a good habit of healthy exercise in the continuous home life, but if you like to keep up with your health closely, Veepoo's smartwatch or wearable is the best choice, through scientific curriculum arrangement and heart rate exercise. A series of calories and another monitoring tech, utilizing the most scientific mode to let you get a healthy body.

The smartwatch closely adheres to the skin and can obtain a variety of body data indicators. And its built-in multiple sensors can effectively collect vital signs that cannot be obtained by smartphones, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, etc., and with the support of related program, it can sense, record, analyze and manage health data and achieve diseases prevention. In addition, Veepoo's smartwatches also integrate functions such as sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders, drinking reminders, and fall detection, which are widely used in various daily use scenarios such as work, travel, sports, and sleep.

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