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Exclusive Bonus for Veepoo Customer 

2-Year Warranty & More

Exclusive Bonus

Welcome, Veepoo Customer.


On behalf of all the marketing, research, engineering staff of Veepoo Technology Inc, we would like to thank you for placing your trust in us and our product. It is our continuous goal to keep pushing the boundaries of science & technology in health, bringing you better and more advanced products by the day, while providing a top-tier user experience for every customer. 


However, we need your assistance to achieve this, which is why we would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have. To let us know how we can improve our product and service. 


A dedicated contact list is created for customers that wish to stay in touch with Veepoo more closely and communicate their user experience with us. It is completely free of charge, and we know your time is valuable. The following benefits are offered to customers that joined our contact list.

3 Major Benefits



1.  Extension of product warranty from 1 year to 2 years, Veepoo will send you a brand new replacement device if you encounter any quality issue or receive a defective product.


2.  Take advantage of special discounts and promotional offers for the latest product and future purchases.


3.  You will be the first to know about new products, sales, health tips, as well as even more exclusive service and benefits in the future.


How to Join?


It is an honor for us to have thousands of people from various countries as part of our family and to be able to enjoy the unique and exclusive benefits we offer for our community.


Please fill in this form here and register to extend your warranty & more.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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