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The ECG monitoring function and value of smart watches


Veepoo has gone through nearly a decade of development since its establishment. Veepoo has always devoted himself to the development of smart watches. Whether it is some commonly used functions or health monitoring functions, Veepoo can be compared with the major manufacturers on the market. Although there is a slight lack in the process design. Veepoo provides smart watch solutions for many domestic manufacturers, helping these manufacturers open up the smart watch market. At the same time, Veepoo has also developed Hband simultaneously as a smart watch service solution to form a complete ecosystem. That is, various data of the wearer monitored by the smart watch, including but not limited to exercise data, blood pressure data, respiration data, ECG data, and HRV data. The above-mentioned data can be seen intuitively on the H band. And H band will also give suggestions based on the corresponding data. The monitored data is of medical reference value, that is, the smart watch solution provided by Veepoo is mature and accurate.

With the development and maturity of the smart watch market, Veepoo is no longer just satisfied as a single smart watch solution service provider. Veepoo wants to achieve better development, and the production of complete machines has become an inevitable choice for the company's development. Veepoo has a complete and accurate smart watch technology. Since it is the first time to produce a complete machine, more considerations need to be given to the positioning of the complete machine, the people it serves, the price set, and industrial design. After preparation, Veepoo named the first point of the whole machine Veepoo Watch RIG. Compared with some high-end smart watches on the market, such as Huawei, Apple and other manufacturers, Veepoo Watch RIG pays more attention to the health monitoring function. This is also the advantage of Veepoo Watch RIG. In terms of health monitoring, Veepoo has always been lead the industry. This is mainly due to Veepoo's research team and previous technology accumulation.

Veepoo Watch RIG is a health monitoring smart watch equipped with ECG monitoring. Its ECG function can effectively monitor a series of heart diseases such as atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia. The ECG function can provide the wearer with a 24-hour ECG monitoring function, and it is dynamic. There is a small premise for this, and the wearer has to bring it all. The sampling frequency of Veepoo Watch RIG ECG signal can reach 512HZ, which is a medical application level and has obtained CFDA certification. Veepoo Watch RIG can finally monitor and analyze 13 types of heart diseases. When there is a heart problem, Veepoo Watch RIG will alert the wearer in time.

Veepoo Watch RIG is equipped with biosensing monitoring technology and seven-channel optical monitoring technology, multi-channel design. The ECG monitoring function is just the tip of the iceberg. Veepoo Watch RIG has all-weather, high-precision continuous dynamic heart rate tracking, medical-grade continuous tracking of blood oxygen saturation, full-time scientific sleep tracking, sleep apnea tracking analysis, application of Lorentz scatter analysis HRV (heart rate variability), women's health And other health monitoring functions. The collection of these functions turns Veepoo Watch RIG into a complete health monitoring smart watch.

At present, Veepoo Watch RIG has entered the stage of mass production. It is believed that the listing of Veepoo Watch RIG will be successful and help Shenzhen Veepo Technology Co., Ltd. to break through market restrictions and achieve better development.

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