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Global Health Summit


Introduction: On the evening of May 21st, President Xi Jinping attended the Global Health Summit in Beijing in video format at the invitation of the Italian Prime Minister, and delivered an important speech entitled “Joining Hands to Build a Community of Human Health.”

Xinhua News Agency refined the chairman’s speech 1. In the face of the pandemic of infectious diseases, we must uphold the concept of a community of human health and health, unite and cooperate to overcome the difficulties, and resolutely oppose various attempts to politicize, label, and stigmatize. 2. It is the primary task of the international community to overcome the epidemic and restore economic growth at an early date. 3. We must abandon “vaccine nationalism”, solve the problem of vaccine production and distribution, and increase the accessibility and affordability of developing countries. 4. Fighting the epidemic is an overall battle. We must respond systematically, coordinate drug and non-pharmaceutical intervention measures, coordinate normalized precision prevention and control and emergency response, and coordinate epidemic prevention and economic and social development. 5. The members of the G20 should shoulder their responsibilities in the global anti-epidemic cooperation. Colleagues should summarize the pros and cons of the experience, pay close attention to not shortcomings, plug loopholes, strengths and weaknesses, and strive to improve the ability to respond to major public health emergencies. Level. 6. To completely defeat the epidemic, we must put people’s lives and health in a prominent position, take great arguing responsibility and courage, and take extraordinary measures to not miss an infected person, not to give up a sick patient, and earnestly respect Everyone’s declared value and dignity. 7. This epidemic once again shows us that mankind has a shared honor and disgrace and is connected with destiny. 8. Political manipulation will not help the country’s fight against the epidemic. It will only disrupt international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic and cause more harm to the people of the world. 9. In this unprecedented fight against the epidemic, China has received support and help from many countries, and China has also carried out large-scale global humanitarian operations. Today’s world has entered a post-epidemic era, and countries around the world have begun to call for domestic new crown vaccines to form herd immunity. After experiencing the epidemic, people all over the world pay more attention to their own health. Judging from the data on the number of fitness people, after the third quarter of 2020, it is in a growing trend.

There are also some science and technology companies that have developed magic mirrors (a kind of exercise that can directly follow the movements in the magic mirror), notifying that the shipment of smart watches is also increasing. Because most smart watches have health monitoring functions. For example, blood oxygen monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, ECG, scientific sleep and other functions. Therefore, smart watches are favored by most people. From major manufacturers to continuously develop their own product lines, Huawei is developing different styles of wearable smart devices. At the same time, OnePlus and ZTE began to enter the market. Small factories are also expanding, such as Huami’s listing, Jiaming and Fitbit are deeply involved in the field of smart watch sports, and Veepoo is deeply involved in the field of health. All signs indicate that the smart watch industry will usher in a peak period of development. From the data point of view, smart watches are growing rapidly globally. In 2019, global wearable device shipments were about 337 million units, an increase of 81.2% year-on-year; in 2020, despite the impact of the epidemic, wearable device shipments will still be substantial An increase of 32%, reaching 444.7 million. According to IDC forecasts, with the gradual rise of the global wearable device market, the shipment of wearable devices will continue to grow, and its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the next five years may reach 12.4%, and the market is not diminishing. We predict that in addition to the emergence of new products this year, there will be new companies involved in this field. We are optimistic about the field of smart watches!

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