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High accuracy is a technical test for rival ring solution providers


For manufacturers of blood oxygen smart watches, they undoubtedly like to use various applications or methods to monitor the wearer’s physical health data. According to the current smart watch products, the effect of monitoring the wearer’s exercise volume, sleep quality, blood concentration and other health data monitoring can be achieved, and a simple summary can be made through the monitored data, based on the monitored data The result reminds users to maintain a healthy work and rest style.

Appropriate relaxation is extremely important for office workers. After all, there is an old saying: Combining work and rest can get twice the result with half the effort. One of the basic functions of the smart watches of Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. is sedentary reminder. Whenever the fatigue reminder time comes, the smart watch will remind you to take a break in the form of an alarm clock. It is suitable for the current high-stress office crowd. This warm function’s design is a humanized design for the tired office workers. Not only that, the company’s smart watches also have automatic monitoring and recording of night heart rate and 24-hour continuous blood pressure monitoring. If the heart rate or blood pressure of an office worker does not meet the normal value, it can be observed through the wristband or the APP connected to the mobile phone. In this era of big data, the accuracy of data is of the utmost importance, and Veepoo Technology has always taken self-developed high-accuracy monitoring algorithms as the cornerstone of its development.

High-precision monitoring algorithms have always been one of the technical strength considerations for smart bracelet wearable service providers. The main value of sports and health monitoring smart watches is accurate data. It collects data on various human activities and indicators and calculates the accurate value of each data. The accurate value is used to interpret and interpret the current comprehensive state of the human body. Formulate relevant guidance and optimization plans based on accurate values, and use accurate values to verify the implementation results of optimization measures. So smart bracelets with high accuracy are valuable, otherwise it is just an electronic ornament.

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