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How does the smart watch monitor the resting heart rate?

Frequent runners have a low resting heart rate and a high maximum heart rate. This is a manifestation of increased heart rate reserve and increased heart function; an increased heart rate in the morning is a manifestation of failure to recover from fatigue. At this time, pay attention to rest and avoid continuous heart rate. Load: Regular runners have a lower heart rate at the same pace, but they have a higher heart rate when running at the highest speed...

When running, sometimes we feel very relaxed, sometimes very hard, sometimes sweating profusely, sometimes chest tightness and shortness of breath. These subjective feelings are the body's comprehensive response to the weather, pace, and state. What happens inside our body when running? Are there more objective and accurate indicators to help us interpret the body's reaction when running? some! This indicator is the heart rate. Heart rate is the most objective indicator available to the public to evaluate running intensity and understand the impact of running on the body. Although heart rate is simple, it is just a number, but it is rich in a lot of very useful information. Understand this information , Your understanding of running has actually surpassed more than 90% of runners. After understanding the heart rate, you basically understand what scientific running is. Today, I will fully understand the ancient and practical body information-heart rate. Scientific running, we can understand running through the heart rate, so how to monitor the heart rate? Medical equipment is obviously not realistic. There is a wearable device called a heart rate monitor/smart watch, which can accurately know our real-time heart rate. Through the light on the smart watch, it can detect the flow rate of our capillaries, and then calculate our current heart rate, and there will be biological reminders The feedback function will remind us when we reach the target heart rate zone or exceed it. Such as Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, Fitbit, Garmin. Smart watches such as Xiaomi can monitor heart rate. Moreover, these smart watches can monitor the heart rate regardless of whether it is a static heart rate or a dynamic heart rate. At the same time, the data monitored by the smart watch can be used as medical data when necessary and provided to the doctor for reference. So, friends who already have heart rate monitors/smart watches, remember to use them during exercise (training). If you don’t have one, hurry up and buy a smart watch/heart rate monitor!

1. Understanding heart rate starts with resting heart rate

Resting heart rate The number of heartbeats per minute in a state of awake, inactive and quiet. Generally, the normal range is 60-100 beats per minute. If the resting heart rate is not reached or exceeds this level, it may be bradycardia or tachycardia. Many high-level runners have a resting heart rate below 60 beats per minute, which is a sign of increased heart function. But the heart rate is by no means the slower the better. A too slow heart rate can easily cause atrioventricular block. usually

Sleeping heart rate <morning heart rate <resting heart rate

Morning heart rate is also a very important indicator for evaluating physical fatigue. Morning heart rate refers to waking up in the morning and measuring your own heart rate before getting up. It is lower than resting heart rate but higher than sleeping heart rate. If morning heart rate is higher than before An increase of more than 12 times per minute often indicates that the fatigue caused by running the previous day has not been completely eliminated, or that the body is over-fatigued. Therefore, we might as well wear a smart watch or heart rate watch before going to bed, and understand our sleeping heart rate and morning heart rate through the smart watch or heart rate watch. However, the current smart watches are not only as simple as monitoring the heart rate, some relatively high-end smart watches on the market, such as Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, Fitbit, Garmin. Smart watches such as Xiaomi can accurately monitor changes in heart rate. These smart watches are not just simple heart rate monitoring, but these smart watches are more biased towards health monitoring and monitoring. In addition to heart rate monitoring, there are HRV, ECG, pulse rate, sleep apnea monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, blood glucose monitoring and other functions. Smart watches have broken away from the simple monitoring of steps and calories in the past. Now smart watches have turned to the primary direction of monitoring human health.

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