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How smart watches monitor heart rate and exercise

The relationship between heart rate and exercise intensity

We all know that during exercise, the speed of the heartbeat increases, that is, the heart rate increases. However, the increase in heart rate is related to the intensity of exercise. There are several simple formulas for calculating heart rate.

   Calculation formula 1: Exercise intensity (%) = exercise heart rate ÷ maximum heart rate × 100%.

   Although the formula is simple to calculate, everyone’s resting heart rate is different. Therefore, there will be a large error. So, considering the resting heart rate, there is a revised version of the formula as follows.

   Calculation formula 2: Exercise intensity (%) = (exercise heart rate – resting heart rate) ÷ (maximum heart rate – resting heart rate)×100%.

Formula 2 is based on the resting heart rate to calculate the relative rise ratio.

But how many of us remember the formula for calculating this heart rate? People are lazy, so all kinds of tools have been invented to facilitate our lives. Similarly, out of the need to calculate heart rate, mankind invented a heart rate monitor to calculate heart rate. Later, the smart watch was invented to calculate the heart rate as one of its functions. Most athletes now wear a smart watch to monitor their heart rate changes during exercise. There are too many smart watches on the market to choose from, such as Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, Fitbit, Garmin. Smart watches such as Xiaomi can monitor heart rate. In particular, Veepoo watch RIG will be more accurate. After all, it focuses on health monitoring, not to mention heart rate monitoring.

How to use heart rate to guide running training and competition?

At the same age, people who don't exercise much have a high resting heart rate, and well-trained people have a low resting heart rate. Even at the same exercise heart rate, different people will feel different intensity. So formula 2 is more scientific than formula 1. It can be seen from the results that although B has a high exercise heart rate, no matter whether Formula 1 or Formula 2 is used, the calculated exercise intensity is not much different between AB. Let's look at the result calculated according to formula 2. Taking into account the resting heart rate, the exercise intensity of A is greater than that of B. But now smartwatches can perform accurate heart rate monitoring long ago. Why bother to calculate through the heart rate formula? We just need to simply turn on the smartwatch and put the smartwatch around in our hands. Isn't the heart rate measured? Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG and other smart watches are all good choices.

The heart rate measured by the smart watch is more accurate and can better guide running training. The monitoring of the heart rate by the smart watch can prevent the heart rate from being too fast during exercise and exceeding the load of the heart, leading to the possibility of sudden death. When the heart rate reaches a certain level, the smart watch will prompt the wearer. Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG and other smart watches have timely reminders in this regard and perform very well. The role of smart watches is now more focused on health monitoring.

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