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How to use a smart watch to monitor blood oxygen during exercise?

Everyone knows that "aerobic exercise" can exercise cardiopulmonary function, and swimming and running are aerobic exercises, but this classification is actually too rough, because even running is divided into fast running and jogging; fast running is actually anaerobic exercise , Jogging is the real aerobic. When running fast, because the oxygen burden is large, the body's oxygen supply will be reduced instead of a complete oxygen cycle, so sprint running cannot train cardiorespiratory function; but relatively speaking, if jogging does not maintain a certain level There is no way to stimulate the heart's potential with speed and intensity, so how to find the most suitable running speed for yourself is very important. But it is difficult for us to judge whether the cardiopulmonary function has been exercised according to the intensity of exercise. We can only know that we are running fast, breathing fast, and running very tired. Such exercise is not good, but it is harmful to the body. Nowadays, many smart watches can monitor various data of human body movement. The monitoring of these data by smart watches is not only the data of exercise, but also the monitoring of various ECG, HRV, blood oxygen, sleep respiration and so on. Such as Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, Fitbit, Garmin. Smart watches such as Xiaomi can monitor the above data. Especially the Veepoo watch RIG smart watch will be more accurate, after all, the main focus is on health monitoring. Veepoo watch RIG has a good evaluation in health monitoring.

How to exercise cardiopulmonary function? In the process of running, as long as you maintain smooth breathing, you can stimulate the functioning of sympathetic nerves, order the heart to increase contraction, increase the blood supply, increase the amount of oxygen, and smooth the circulation of blood and oxygen, so running can indeed exercise cardiopulmonary function. But to achieve this goal of cardio-pulmonary exercise, you must keep breathing smoothly, so that the body can supply oxygen smoothly, so that the heart can contract endlessly and increase blood supply; if the intensity of exercise is too high, the body needs it in a short time. Too much oxygen and insufficient breathing supply will cause a burden on the heart and lungs. This will endanger human health. Now we can use smart watches to constantly monitor various data of the human body during exercise. When people are at rest, smart watches can also monitor these data. It's just that when it's dynamic, the data is more obvious. Two benefits of smart watches: portability and precision.

Smooth breathing is the key to increase cardiopulmonary function. But when running fast, because you have to sprint hard, breathing is unstable and not smooth. Although the heartbeat increases, the oxygen in the blood does not increase, but it is a loss to the heart. At this time, I want to know the human body. You can use smart watches with blood oxygen monitoring functions on the market to monitor blood oxygen levels. Because it is during exercise, the change of blood oxygen is very fast. Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, Fitbit, Garmin. Smart watches such as Xiaomi are good choices. It is worth mentioning that the Veepoo watch RIG smart watch will be more accurate because of its better sensor.

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