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The application of smart watch blood oxygen monitoring in those people


What kind of people need to pay attention to their blood oxygen situation most

People who snore: Snoring may cause short-term or long-term respiratory obstruction, which may lead to hypoxia, which may lead to poor sleep quality and even organ damage.

Excessive mental workers: These people consume more oxygen in the brain than ordinary people. Long-term lack of oxygen in the brain may cause drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy, and poor memory.

Elderly people/crowd using ventilator: The old people's heart and lung organs are physiologically aging, and they are prone to insufficient oxygen intake and insufficient oxygen supply. When the blood oxygen level is lower than the alert level in the daily test, oxygen should be supplemented in time.

People in high mountain/altitude hypoxic environment: Altitude has a greater impact on blood oxygen level. The oxygen content in the air at high altitudes is thin, which may cause hypoxia in the human body, and severely cause dizziness, altitude sickness, etc. Generally, blood oxygen is lower than 90%, which may be risky.

How the bracelet watch measures blood oxygen: Through deep optimization of the hardware light path and algorithm, multi-light source fusion, the use of oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxygenated hemoglobin has different reflection and absorption rates of specific light for signal extraction, signal enhancement, algorithm training, and abnormal suppression Measures such as measuring the blood oxygen saturation of the blood flow under the skin.

How to measure blood oxygen saturation

Blood oxygen saturation measurement method: The first, the traditional method is to draw arterial blood, perform blood gas analysis, measure the partial pressure of blood oxygen, and then calculate the blood oxygen saturation. This method is generally not commonly used. The second, more commonly used and convenient method now is to use a finger-type photoelectric sensor, and the sensor can be clamped on the finger to measure the real-time blood oxygen saturation. ECG monitors have this kind of oxygen saturation clip. The third type is the portable home oximeter, which is small in size, simple and convenient, and can be operated at home. Fourth, most of the mid-to-high-end smart watches on the market now have blood oxygen monitoring functions. For a wearer with a blood oxygen monitoring function, he can monitor his blood oxygen anytime and anywhere to understand his blood oxygen situation. Smart watches under Apple, HUAWEI, VEEPOO and other companies all have this function, and the monitored data is as accurate as traditional medical devices.

Why pay attention to blood oxygen saturation?

Blood oxygen saturation is used as an important monitoring indicator in the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Department of Respiratory Medicine and Department of Cardiology. The blood oxygen saturation of normal people is measured close to 100% with a finger-type photoelectric sensor, generally higher than 95%, and the blood oxygen saturation is lower than 90%, indicating insufficient oxygen supply or local blood circulation disorders, and the cause needs to be found. Blood oxygen saturation lower than 80% indicates that the patient is severely hypoxic, with a certain degree of life-threatening, and needs rescue. Many diseases can cause lack of oxygen supply, mainly due to respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Veepoo watch RIG has built-in high-precision photoelectric sensors, 7 groups of light path design, 6 LED light sources, 3 electrodes with advanced blood oxygen monitoring algorithm, using green light, red light, infrared light, infrared LED to calculate the blood oxygen content. It also uses intuitive data to let the wearer know the status of the body's absorption of oxygen and the amount of oxygen delivered to the body. At the same time, VeePoo Watch RIG not only has the function of blood oxygen monitoring, but also other monitoring functions, such as blood pressure, heart rate, scientific sleep, etc., effectively helping the wearer to have a more comprehensive understanding of their overall health.

Veepoo watch RIG is a product produced by Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. It is a health monitoring smart watch

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