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The core of smart watch monitoring function-sensor


Currently, there are two main types of heart rate trackers that we can buy convenient in the market. One is a chest strap heart rate tracker, and the other is a wrist-type optical heart rate tracker, that is, a smart watch. Chest strap heart rate tracker: the gold standard for heart rate tracking The chest strap heart rate tracker measures the electrical activity (ECG) of the heart. A sensor connected to the chest strap detects the electrical signal of the heart and converts the signal into heart rate data. If you pay more attention to training and pursue the ultimate accuracy and reliability, chest strap tracking is the ideal choice.

Smart watch: wrist-type optical heart rate tracker

Heart rate monitoring in smart watches is mainly through optical heart rate monitoring. Optical heart rate monitoring uses a technology called photoplethysmography (PPG), which involves illuminating light into the skin, and measuring the blood perfusion volume of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue by collecting different amounts of light refracted by changes in blood flow. Detection. The main principle is to use the difference in the absorption and reflectance of green light when the blood volume is in contraction and diastole to obtain heartbeat data per minute.

Veepoo Watch RIG equipped with Veepoo optical heart rate monitoring technology can measure the heart rate on your wrist at any time. From the heart rate page of the watch, you can mainly see the last measured heart rate or the current heart rate and average resting heart rate. When viewing the heart rate page for the first time, the small icon of the current heart rate will flash or stop. When it flashes, it means that the heart rate sensor of the watch is detecting your pulse to provide your current heart rate value. When the heart rate icon no longer flashes, the watch has locked your pulse and displays your current heart rate, which will last for 30 seconds before returning to the default home page. These measured data are for reference only, and at the same time serve as a reminder for the wearer’s health. But it cannot be used for medical purposes, nor is it used to diagnose, monitor, treat or prevent any disease or condition. Now that people monitor their health by wearing smart hands has become the mainstream, and they will move towards a broader space for development in the future.

In fact, before world-class companies entered the health monitoring industry, a number of high-tech companies in China have been deeply involved in the field of health monitoring. Among them, Weiyipo Technology is the leader in the field of health monitoring. As early as 2012, it started the innovation and research of health monitoring technology. . After years of technology precipitation, Veepoo will launch Veepoo Watch RIG, a wearable device that focuses on health monitoring in early 2021. This product is equipped with many health functions focusing on ECG monitoring. The ECG monitoring function is matched with Lorentz Heart Health. Analytical method can fully track the state of heart health. The ECG function of Veepoo Watch RIG can track and record 13 kinds of heart diseases, and analyze the heart health status based on the ECG formed by the tracking. These data will be stored as a report in the form of a text, which can be directly provided to the doctor when visiting a doctor.

HRV monitoring At the same time, using accurate basic health data, the scientific and technological innovation team under Shenzhen Weiyibao Technology also conducts medical analysis and interpretation of the data, increasing the application and commercial value of commercial products such as smart bracelets of partners. Most heart health problems have no symptoms when they attack. Sometimes patients may experience palpitations, fainting, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and atrial fibrillation can also increase the risk of heart failure, dementia, and stroke. And the biosensing monitoring technology of Weiyibao Technology can realize the monitoring of heart health. Through the continuous monitoring and analysis of HRV and ECG, it can realize the monitoring and early warning of various heart health problems including atrial fibrillation.

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