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The development of health monitoring technology in smart watches

Since entering the 21st century, all walks of life have paid more and more attention to health, especially the application of health technology monitoring to wearable devices, especially to smart watches. After the outbreak of the new crown, people pay more attention to their health, and some smart watches can just play a role in monitoring human health. For example, the more well-known Huawei, Apple, Samsung, etc. on the market. However, they are basically the first to seize the market due to brand awareness. In fact, some companies that are not very well-known are often better than the above-mentioned brands in technology, such as Weiyibao Technology Co., Ltd.

From the market perspective, the development of smart watch health monitoring technology will play a huge role in the health field. For example, in recent years, domestic and foreign technology companies, such as Apple, Huawei, and Huami, have mainly added sensors and software algorithms to enable smart watches to achieve more and more powerful health monitoring functions and get involved in the health field. Since its establishment, Weiyibao Technology has been deeply involved in the field of smart watch health monitoring, and has now had a decade of development.

Based on the powerful health monitoring functions of smart watches, these companies can often get users' health data in one step. On the one hand, these health data can be directly fed back to users and tell users whether there are health problems, which can effectively avoid some hidden dangers. On the other hand, after these companies have obtained user data, they can analyze and learn from the original sample data, and accumulate the original data for technological progress to prepare for the replacement of smart watches.

At present, the mainstream health monitoring technology is the monitoring of blood oxygen, such as Huawei's GT 2 PRO, Apple series 6, Huami GTS 2e and other smart watches. And the latest ECG monitoring function, that can monitor the changes of the wearer's ECG has not been used. Long before world-class companies entered the health monitoring industry, there were already a number of innovative companies in China. Weiyipoo Technology from Shenzhen, China is a leader in the field of health monitoring. It started innovation and research in health monitoring technology as early as 2012. .

After years of technology precipitation, Veepox launched Watch RIG, a wearable device that focuses on health monitoring in early 2021. This product is equipped with many health functions focusing on ECG monitoring. The ECG monitoring function is matched with Lorentz Heart Health. Analytical method can fully track the state of heart health.

The ECG function of the Veepoo Watch RIG smart watch can track and record 13 kinds of heart diseases, and analyze the heart health status based on the ECG formed by the tracking. These data will be stored as a report in the form of text, which can be directly provided to the doctor when visiting a doctor.

The ECG monitoring technology is just one of the technical applications of Weiyibao Technology. As of 2021, Shenzhen Weiyibao Technology Co., Ltd. has mastered the effect of wearable devices such as smart bracelets on resting pulse rate, exercise pulse rate, and blood oxygen saturation. Scientific and accurate monitoring methods and software algorithms such as degree, exercise pedometer, ECG, female physiological signal, drinking physiological signal, etc.

At the same time, using accurate basic health data, the scientific and technological innovation team under Shenzhen Weiyibao Technology also conducts medical analysis and interpretation of the data, increasing the application and commercial value of commercial products such as smart bracelets of partners. Most heart health problems have no symptoms when they attack. Sometimes patients may experience palpitations, fainting, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and atrial fibrillation can also increase the risk of heart failure, dementia, and stroke. And the biosensing monitoring technology of Weiyibao Technology can realize the monitoring of heart health. Through the continuous monitoring and analysis of HRV and ECG, it can realize the monitoring and early warning of various heart health problems including atrial fibrillation.

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