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The fields involved in smart watches and the hundreds of billions of markets it brings


According to Sullivan’s data, in 2014, the market size of China’s smart wearable device industry was only 6.52 billion. At the same time, in 2014, the Chinese Academy of Engineering launched the “Research on the Development Strategy of China’s National Health and Medicine and Health Care” project, and made the “Research on the Development Strategy of Medical Devices and New Wearable Medical Devices” as a key research topic. And with the prominent advantages of this smart wearable device in the medical field, the government is paying more and more attention.

In 2015, the State Council proposed that “Made in China 2025” would also elevate the development of wearable medical equipment for medical institutions to a strategic need, and emphasized the need to improve the innovation capabilities and industrialization level of medical-grade wearable devices. Relevant national policies and measures have provided assistance to the development of medical smart wearable devices, and the innovative development of medical smart wearable devices will also improve China’s competitiveness in the global medical equipment market. So far, the big health background has formally formed.

According to industry prospect analysis, with the continuous development of smart wearable device technology, the application of smart wearable devices in medical, education, sports and military fields will continue to deepen.

1. Medical and health field

At present, the popularity of smart wearable devices in the medical and health field is relatively high compared to other fields. Especially after Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 6 in the fall of 2020, within two or three months, major manufacturers, such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huami, Fitbit, Garmin, and Veepoo, have launched smart watches with blood oxygen monitoring functions. . Previously, health monitoring technologies such as exercise monitoring, heart blood monitoring, scientific sleep, and heart rate monitoring have been applied to smart watches.

As the smart wearable device closest to the human body, smart watches can provide the wearer with real-time health monitoring data, let the wearer understand their own health, and help the wearer perform health monitoring. When the wearer needs it, the data monitored by the smart watch can be directly provided to the doctor as reference data. At the same time, the smart watch will send out an early warning signal in time when the wearer’s body is abnormal, prompting the wearer to make an early warning.

In the future, smart wearable devices, especially smart watches, will be promising in the field of health monitoring. Veepoo is vigorously deploying in this field

2. Education and teaching field

At present, in the field of education, smart wearable devices are still rarely used in the field of education, but the field of education and teaching is also a direction for deep cultivation.

First, smart wearable devices can collect students’ health data and psychological data. Teachers can judge the rationality of student behavior based on the psychological changes of students, and communicate and feedback with students in real time to improve student learning efficiency and teaching effect.

Second, smart wearable devices can help students find teaching resources and learning content at any time, regardless of time and location.

Third, the smart wearable devices worn by students are mostly smart watches, whose positioning and data transmission functions can help parents obtain the geographical location of students and ensure their safety.

The application of smart wearable technology in the education field continues to deepen, which will promote the continuous expansion of China’s smart wearable device market. The application of smart wearable devices should be multi-domain.

3. The field of sports training

In the sports field, when athletes wear high-precision smart wearable devices, they can accurately measure athlete data in real time. Use its data monitoring function to provide users with more professional and differentiated solutions. For example, through peeking data, distance data analysis to detect the physical performance of athletes, through indicators such as heart rate, analysis of their body, rehabilitation or sleep, and then specify the training plan. However, due to technical reasons, the application of smart wearable devices in the field of sports is still shallow. Therefore, the potential in the field of sports is huge, and it is waiting for the entry of this player. Veepoo is currently using technology as an incision to enter the sports field.

4. Military field

Smart wearable devices have been widely used in military security and other aspects. Commonly used smart wearable device hardware includes wearable physiological monitoring and medical auxiliary equipment. Wearable sports cameras are used to realize the real-time recording, transmission and supervision of dynamic images of sentry posts. Wearable physiological monitoring and medical auxiliary equipment are mainly used for military training physical sign monitoring and medical rescue support. At the same time, they are widely used for training and assessing soldiers’ physiological index monitoring. With the improvement of the functions of smart watch wearable devices, its application in the military field will continue to deepen, and the military smart wearable device industry will be further developed.

However, due to some special reasons, if manufacturers want to enter the military field, they must have a strong comprehensive strength.

With the development of technology, especially the improvement of sensor accuracy, 5G, blood oxygen monitoring, blood glucose monitoring and other technologies used in smart watches, the commercial value of the above four fields is unlimited. The market for smart wearable devices is waiting for players to tap.

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