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The public’s health awareness is getting stronger


Professionals said that the current serious epidemic can be said to promptly awaken the public’s health awareness. At this time, many consumers are also concerned about health-related issues. Therefore, at this time, the market for health-conscious products in the entire market is very huge, so This is why many smart watch solution providers will consider smart watch products that study health concepts. Judging from the overall sales volume of the current healthcare market, the demand in the healthcare market is actually much larger than the demand for smartphones. In recent years, people have been more concerned about smart products with related health concepts, which has also led to the epidemic. After the outbreak, many people paid special attention to various smart products with health concepts.

Therefore, it is very intuitive and clear to see that the sales and stock prices of health-related products and companies are rising. Analyzing to a certain extent, now that the smart watch solution provider is combined with health services, it is actually consumers who regard smart watches as a tool for health management. As for smart watch companies, after the epidemic has brought serious anxiety to public health, many consumers also need some health monitoring and management smart watch products. While smart watches combined with smart watch solution providers to change the wearer’s health behavior, it also opened a new door to other industries. It also opened up a new door for other industries. It became a product that the public just needed and played an important role in managing the excessive health data of smart watches. effect.

As early as 2011, Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. established a scientific and technological innovation team for wearable health monitoring technologies such as smart watches. After years of development and technology accumulation. In 2019, Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. has mastered the effects of smart watches and other wearable devices on resting pulse rate, exercise pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, exercise step counting, ECG, female physiological signals, and drinking Scientific and accurate monitoring methods and software algorithms such as physiological signals. At the same time, using accurate basic health data, the scientific and technological innovation team under Shenzhen Veepoo Technology also conducts medical analysis and interpretation of the data, increasing the application and commercial value of commercial products such as smart watches of partners.

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