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The relationship between the bullseye heart rate and sports goals and how does the smart watch monit

When running, the heart rate is not just high or low. Instead, you have to set your own reasonable heart rate zone according to different goals. The high is high and the low is low. For example, if you want to lose fat, then your heart rate during running should not be too high, otherwise you will get tired very quickly, and you will not achieve the goal of burning fat for a long time. If you are preparing for a marathon, you should take appropriate anti-lactic acid Run, run intermittently, then you must fully mobilize your heart rate, to achieve the highest possible heart rate to ensure that your training is fruitful. So, how do we monitor our heart rate? Generally, athletes wear heart rate monitors or smart watches with heart rate monitoring functions. However, most smart watches now have heart rate monitoring functions. In addition to heart rate monitoring functions, smart watches also have various health monitoring functions such as blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, HRV, and blood glucose monitoring. Such as Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, Fitbit, Garmin. Smart watches such as Xiaomi can monitor heart rate. Moreover, these smart watches can monitor the heart rate regardless of whether it is a static heart rate or a dynamic heart rate. At the same time, the data monitored by the smart watch can be used as medical data when necessary and provided to the doctor for reference.

There is a very key concept here-Target Heart Rate (THR), which can also be literally translated as target heart rate, which is the core indicator used to reflect exercise intensity when running. Target heart rate, as the name implies, is to keep your heart rate in an optimal zone according to different running purposes. This optimal zone is like shooting a target. Only when the heart rate is in this target zone can you achieve the best running effect you need. . Otherwise, the heart rate is too high or the heart rate is too low. The heart rate monitor or smart watch can display the monitored heart rate in the form of a waveform graph, or directly display the bullseye heart rate with the help of the supporting software of the smart watch. Smart watches or heart rate monitors can very well help exercisers record their heart rate changes during exercise, so as to better protect their heart.

5 types of pace running, the lowest intensity of easy running, marathon running speed is slightly faster than easy running, but still belongs to the category of aerobic running, anti-lactic acid running and intermittent running are faster, and sprint running is the fastest running method . The training volume of these five speeds is a pyramid combination, the slower the speed takes the largest amount of running, the fastest sprint

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