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Veepoo health monitoring smart watch fully protects your health

From the conception, design, prototype test, and now to mass production, the smart watch veepoo under veepoo Technology has finally launched the veepoo watch RIG smart watch in less than a year. Weiyipoo watch RIG smart watch is a smart watch that focuses on health monitoring. Its main functions cover ECG, HRV, various exercise modes, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, blood oxygen, breathing training, sleep apnea and other functions. The veepoo watch RIG smart watch does not simply integrate the functions of most smart watches on the market. Instead, it took a different path and took the route of health monitoring, which established the position of the Weiyipo watch RIG smart watch in health monitoring.

The veepoo watch RIG smart watch uses a Finier lens and seven light channels to maximize the transmittance of the monitoring light and reflected light. That is to say, the health monitoring of the veepoo watch RIG smart watch is based on the light reception. The heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, blood pressure, respiration, etc. are calculated through the reception of the amount of light reflection and algorithm analysis The numerical value of the aspect.

veepoo Watch RIG, this product is equipped with many health functions focusing on ECG monitoring. The ECG monitoring function is combined with the Lorentz Heart Health Analysis Method to fully track the heart health status. The ECG function of the Veepo Watch RIG smart watch can track and record 13 kinds of heart diseases, and analyze the heart health status based on the ECG formed by the tracking. These data will be stored as a report in the form of a text, which can be directly provided to the doctor when visiting a doctor .

In addition, the scientific sleep function of the veepoo Watch RIG smart watch can automatically recognize the sleep state 24 hours a day. Whether it is a short nap in the afternoon or continuous sleep at night, the veepoo Watch RIG can track and analyze. If the wearer needs to know the advanced sleep state, he can check his sleep state and sleep quality directly on the H Band APP. At the same time, veepoo Watch RIG will also provide related sleep suggestions.

In addition, the Weiyi Po Watch RIG smart watch also performs sleep apnea screening on the basis of scientific sleep. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that stops breathing during sleep. It is accompanied by sleep defects, daytime naps, fatigue, large emotional fluctuations, bradycardia or arrhythmia, which seriously endangers life safety. When the wearer of the veepoo Watch RIG smart watch suffers from sleep apnea, the veepoo Watch RIG smart watch will prompt and vibrate in time to protect the health of the wearer. At the same time, the veepoo Watch RIG smart watch will also record sleep apnea for the wearer to view.

ECG monitoring technology and sleep apnea screening are only the second technical application of Veepo Technology. As of 2021, Shenzhen Veepo Technology Co., Ltd. has mastered the effects of smart bracelets and other wearable devices on resting pulse rate and exercise. Scientific and accurate monitoring methods and software algorithms such as pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, exercise pedometer, ECG, female physiological signal, drinking physiological signal, etc.

Adhering to the vision of "maintaining the health of hundreds of millions of people", veepoo is committed to scientific research, development and application of human activities, physiological functions, medical assistance and other data monitoring, and will continue to deepen the health field

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