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What is sleep apnea function? After using it, I found


Alas, I’m so sleepy, and it was another night that I didn’t sleep well. Why did we get sleepier the next day after a night of sleep? Sleep is a thing that makes me entangled, and I am particular about sleep.

According to surveys, more than a quarter of the world’s population has ever experienced sleep problems. Among the urban population of all age groups in my country, about 30 to 40% of the citizens often do not sleep well. At present, there are at least 89 kinds of sleep disorders that plague people, such as difficulty falling asleep, inability to maintain sleep continuously, severe snoring and suffocation during sleep, early awakening or excessive sleep, dozing off during the day, and inability to stay awake.

Generally speaking, people’s body temperature begins to drop after 10 o’clock in the evening, and sleep quality is best during the decline; body temperature begins to rise after 2 o’clock in the morning, and sleep becomes lighter. Therefore, the habit of going to bed early and getting up early is better than the habit of going to bed late and getting up late. Don’t force you to get 8 hours of sleep at night. Sleep time varies from person to person. Even if you are the same person, your sleep time varies from night to night. Adults can get 6-8 hours of sleep every day.

We can divide sleep into four stages.

The first stage is the period between wakefulness and sleep. At this stage, everything starts to slow down, muscles soften, heart and breathing rates decrease, and brain wave patterns begin to change

, The second stage is the light sleep period. This is because the muscles are more relaxed, the heart and breathing rate continue to slow down, and the body temperature also begins to drop.

The third stage is to wake up in a deep sleep. At this time, the human heart and breathing rate will reach the lowest point of the entire sleep cycle. The muscles of the human body are very relaxed. It is a little difficult to wake people up at this time, because at this time they are in deep sleep. This stage of deep sleep is an indispensable part of good quality sleep. If you don’t have enough sleep time in this state, you don’t feel fully rested when you wake up.

The fourth stage, the final stage of the sleep cycle, the rapid eye movement period (REM sleep period). The first three stages belong to the non-REM sleep period (non-REM sleep period). In many respects, REM is completely opposite to the first three stages. The heartbeat increases, and the breathing rate can increase and become irregular. The eyes move quickly behind the eyelids, and the brain becomes active. Dreams are usually experienced during REM sleep. Physically, you may experience temporary quadriplegia. This is a protective measure, the leather body really does the dream movement.

These four stages will cycle until you wake up. The human body must undergo NREM and REM sleep in order to stay awake for a day. Without these two, memory integration will be compromised. Just like after almost no sleep, it will be difficult to recall simple things quickly. VeePoo Watch RIG will track the above different sleep stages.

So how does VeePoo Watch RIG perform sleep monitoring? VeePoo has created a new photoelectric sensor kit, seven groups of optical path design and the flexible combination of biological electrodes, combined with AI algorithms to quickly and accurately monitor physical health indicators. This makes it possible for VeePoo Watch RIG to accurately monitor the sleep state of the wearer.

Sleep monitoring sensor

The scientific sleep function of VeePoo Watch RIG can automatically identify sleep status 24 hours a day. Whether it is a short nap in the afternoon or continuous sleep at night, VeePoo Watch RIG can track and analyze. If the wearer needs to know the advanced sleep state, he can check his sleep state and sleep quality directly on the H Band APP. At the same time, VeePoo Watch RIG will also provide relevant sleep suggestions.

In addition, VeePoo Watch RIG also performs sleep apnea screening based on scientific sleep. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing stops during sleep. It is accompanied by sleep defects, daytime naps, fatigue, large emotional fluctuations, bradycardia or arrhythmia, which seriously endangers life safety. When the wearer of VeePoo Watch RIG experiences sleep apnea, VeePoo Watch RIG will prompt and vibrate in time to protect the health of the wearer.

At the same time, VeePoo Watch RIG will also record sleep apnea for the wearer to view.

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