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Benefits of scientific sleep


The longer the sleep time, the healthier it is, it varies from person to person. The average adult sleep time is about 6 to 8 hours a day, and the time decreases with the increase of people’s age. Too short sleep time will cause people’s work and study efficiency to drop sharply, and it is easy to make mistakes. Sleeping too long can also cause disorders of body function, it is best to get up at around 9 o’clock. If some people are in a state of sleep deprivation for a long time, and the average sleep time per day is no more than 4 hours, then taking a nap during the day to make up for sleep will not be effective, and the efficiency of work and study will not be improved. Moreover, long-term lack of sleep can lead to depression, accelerate skin aging, increase the risk of sudden cardiac death, make people forgetful and slow, easily cause traffic accidents, and cause serious health problems.

Studies have shown that light sleep and light sleep, which account for about 55% of the total sleep time, have little effect on relieving fatigue, and only entering a deep sleep state can it have a greater effect on relieving fatigue. Because in the state of deep sleep, the cerebral cortex cells are in a state of full rest, which has a vital role in eliminating fatigue, restoring energy, immunity and disease resistance. However, this kind of deep sleep only accounts for 25% of the total sleep time. Therefore, the evaluation of sleep quality should not only be based on time, but more importantly by quality. To improve sleep quality, ultimately depends on the length of deep sleep.

And our company has launched a smart watch that can detect the quality of sleep. Through real-time monitoring of human pulse wave signals, parameters related to sleep are obtained to judge the sleep process. The device continuously obtains the human pulse wave, and continuously calculates the changes of human physiological parameters every second, and determines the specific time of falling asleep, turning over, waking up, rapid eye movement, light sleep, deep sleep and other sleep states through analysis of sleep-related parameters .

This smart watch can accurately identify sleep in the physiological sense. Distinguish between bed time and sleep time, and record every sleep period completely.

It can also accurately identify sleep stages. Including deep sleep, light sleep and rapid eye movement periods, completely restore the changes in the sleep cycle. More than high-precision monitoring. The recognition of the sleep state reaches the minute level, and the sleep state per minute can be accurately obtained. More real-time monitoring. Scientific sleep adopts real-time monitoring and never miss a minute of sleep. Including siesta, staying up late, restoring sleep, etc., a complete record of each day’s sleep. In addition, it can pinpoint the cause of sleep problems. Combining sleep status and medical definitions of sleep problems, scientifically locate sleep problems such as insomnia, staying up late, and lethargy, analyze the causes through abnormal sleep indicators, and provide corresponding repair suggestions.

The most important thing is data backtracking and long-term monitoring. By binding the device, the data will be stored on the server, which is convenient for users to browse long-term sleep changes and evaluate the improvement of sleep. Our company has its own software called Hband. The scientific sleep APP data display is simple and intuitive, the operation is simple and easy to understand, easy for users to understand and accept, and highlight the sleep problems that users are most concerned about.

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