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Heart Rhythm Variability Track & Analyze

Low or high heart rate
A heart rate under 50 BPM or over 120 BPM ,there will alert you take a notice or consultant with doctor.
A heart rate can be low because of certain medications or if electrical signals are not properly conducted through the heart. Training to be an elite athlete can also lead to a low heart rate. Learn more about low heart rates from the American Heart Association. 
A high heart rate could be due to exercise, stress, nervousness, alcohol, dehydration, infection, AFib, or other arrhythmia. Learn more about high heart rates from the American Heart Association. 

Heart Rhythm Variability In veepoohealth
1.When you Open automatic blood oxygen monitoring and all-day heart rate tracking,
2.RIG Will automatically track your heartbeat data and calculate heart rhythm variability data while you rest at night ,It will also provide assessment of cardiac stress capacity and sympathetic nervous system status on the APP.
3.Heart rhythm variability data is also presented in the form of a Lorenz scatter plot to facilitate user comparison and analysis.

Regardless of the content displayed on the APP or device, it cannot be used as a medical diagnosis. Please refer to the doctor's diagnosis as the final result.
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