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Pedometer|Workouts-RIG smartwatch

Pedometer shows your total number of steps, distance and calories that day.
Tip: It is cleared every day at 0:00. You can connect to "Veepoo Health" to sync all data. There are two ways to access to "Pedometer":
1.Swipe right from watch face to access to "Pedometer" ,
2.After going to watch face, press the Side Button and tap " Pedometer".

Watch RIG supports within a total 10 kinds of workouts.

Tip: Choose a proper kind contribute to accurate data.
Work out with Watch RIG Start a workout
Press the Side Button, tap "Workouts" to go into the workouts list.
Choose the workout you want to do.

Tip: If you're running a stopwatch, you'll be asked to end the stopwatch before workouts.

View your real-time data Your watch display shows your real-time heart rate❤, steps🦶(if it supports this data), calories and duration.

Pause and resume the workout Here are two ways to pause and resume the workout:
.In "Workout" screen, swipe left and tap the "Pause/ Resume" button.
.Press the Side Button.

Finish the workout You can finish your workout in these two ways:
In "Workout" screen, swipe left and tap the "End" button.
Press and hold the Side Button. At the same time, a count down circle appears on the watch display and keep pressing the Side Button for about 4s.
Tip: If Watch RIG detects no movement for a long time about 10 mins, it finishes the workout automatically.

Review your workout As you finish your workout, you can see a review of it. The review includes heart rate❤, steps🦶(if it supports this data), calories and duration. Tip:It shows nothing if you finish your workout too fast (less than 1 min) in the review.

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