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Blood oxygen saturation monitoring


For blood oxygen smart watches, many consumers tend to adopt a wait-and-see attitude toward such a smart device, but some consumers often think that such smart watches cannot reach the medical level. The level of blood oxygen saturation monitoring. Regarding this problem, professionals from Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. said that this is a very common phenomenon. The use of smart devices to measure human blood pressure saturation is a practical effect. From the current point of view, the accuracy still needs to be improved. And there is still a certain gap from realizing medical-grade blood oxygen saturation monitoring, but for such a wearable smart device, if it can have a real-time monitoring of blood pressure saturation, it can provide people with a certain Healthy opinions.

And I believe that many consumers who pay attention to the smart product of the blood oxygen smart watch also know that there have been news that well-known foreign smart watch companies have been exposed to the inaccurate accuracy of the function of measuring blood oxygen saturation. Faced with such news, foreign smart watch manufacturers came out to clarify that the real-time blood oxygen monitoring function of smart watches is only used as a health reference in people’s daily life, and cannot be used as a standard for medical diagnosis. After all, smart devices are worn on the hand to monitor blood oxygen saturation, using some optical components that are far from comparable to the medical equipment and medical reagents used in medical diagnosis.

However, Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. has a smart bracelet that can accurately monitor blood oxygen saturation. The blood oxygen saturation monitoring commercial smart bracelet of Veepoo tech obtained the Chinese medical device certification in November 2019. Using the solution services of the wristbands of Veepoo Technology, in addition to the measurement of basic data dimensions such as individual exercise, heart rate, blood oxygen, and ECG, it can also comprehensively analyze various types of health data measured in the cloud, and combine it with third parties Medical or health machine service organizations provide professional-level analysis results to build an interconnected health management service platform for group management and personalized monitoring. Shenzhen Veepoo Technology applies hardware and independent software algorithms to realize real-time and accurate data monitoring of the human body, and guards personal health management through multi-dimensional analysis and early warning of human activity and health index information.

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