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Follow CDC COVID Guideline With the Help of Smartwatch Health Monitor Technology

CDC-Covid Guideline
CDC-Covid Guideline

People who test positive for Covid-19, regardless of their vaccination status, should remain quarantined for five days instead of ten days as recommended by CDC (U.S.) on Dec. 27, 2021. The rules for citizens exposed to Covid-19 that have been boosted, completed the primary series of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines within the last six months, completed Johnson & Johnson no longer than 2 months should get tested on day 5 and keeps mask on, stay home to rest if the symptom persists. For those who completed their primary series over the time period stated previously and did not take booster shots, should also keep their mask on, stay home for 5 days at least, stay home to rest if the symptom persists, get tested.

The epidemic is the enemy of all people. It has been rampant in various countries and caused huge losses. More and more people are beginning to pay attention to their own body and their health, so the question is: How to keep recording your own health data? How to keep healthy? Since Apple watch3 released ECG and fall monitoring functions, major manufacturers have worked more and more in the health field. ECG, fall monitoring, heart rate monitoring, breathing training, noise monitoring, menstrual cycle, etc. have everything, even released in 2020 Among the products, affected by the new crown epidemic, blood oxygen function has almost become the standard configuration of newly released products, including Apple watch 6, Huawei GT2, fitbit sense, Huami GTR2 and GTS2. Smartwatches is the product tailored to these problems; Smartwatches have been positioned for daily data recording and analysis. With the application of sensor technology and algorithms, we can do more and more. The health function has become one of the standard features of smartwatches. It allows you to better understand your physical condition and the outbreak of the epidemic has stimulated health needs and increased product demand.

The hemoglobin in the blood is the key to understanding the oxygen content of one's own blood. The amount of oxygen in the heme will affect the absorption of the two different types of light, infrared and red light.

The wearable device emits two different rays of infrared light and red light, and a specially deployed sensor collects pulse signals. Using Weiyipo's independent innovation algorithm, the user's blood oxygen level is estimated. Weiyipox adopts red light\infrared\green light and independent innovative algorithms to accurately and conveniently monitor blood oxygen saturation.

Wearable products using Veepoo Tech ’s "reflective blood oxygen monitoring" technology

The applications and services of big data in the cloud are constantly improving, and your health data may have a wider range of uses in the future.

The immune system of the elderly is generally weak, and most of them suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and other basic diseases, so they are not able to resist the new type of pneumonia. On the one hand, exercise can enhance physical fitness and immunity. On the other hand, daily monitoring of one’s physical condition will be closer, and health monitoring and exercise management will be the main focusBlood oxygen saturation is an important monitoring indicator for the new type of pneumonia, and smartwatches are receiving attention again. Blood oxygen refers to the oxygen in the blood, and blood oxygen saturation (SaO2) refers to the percentage of the volume of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood that is bound by oxygen to the total volume of hemoglobin that can be combined, that is, the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood. It is generally believed that the normal value of SaO2 should not be less than 94%. If it is less than 94%, it means insufficient oxygen supply. If it is below 90%, it means severe hypoxia. Treatment measures should be taken as soon as possible.

Pay attention to your own oxygen saturation level and your general health status with the help of Veepoo's RIG smartwatch. It is the leading flagship health monitoring smartwatch with top-tier precision.

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