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Message Notifications-Watch RIG

Your watch will notify you when there is a notification from your phone which your watch connects with. You can choose which Apps', including message, phone, WeChat, Twitter and others, notificaitons appear on your watch in "Message notification" ("Veepoo Health") or "Settings" > "Notifications" (Watch RIG)
Setting App: Veepoo Health&Connect your watch;
Tap the "Allow" button when "Veepoo Health" asks for your phone's Notification permission. After this and go to "Mine" > "My device" > "Message notification". Now switch on/ off the App as you need.

Watch RIG: You must allow the request of Notification permission first before setting it in your wacth.*** Press the Side Button and go to "Settings" > "Notifications". Tap switch after the App to switch on or off.

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