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Our scientific sleep algorithm


As people’s use of sleep smart watches in various fields and environments increases, people are increasingly favoring sleep detection smart watches produced by smart watch brands. Whether in the domestic or international markets, there is now a large demand for sleep detection smart watches. However, the preparation level of the sleep detection smart watch is relatively high, especially to ensure that there are no problems in each use link after the sleep smart watch is manufactured. For some sleep detection smart watches on the market that are of poor quality, the problems with these sleep smart watches are also diverse.

Sleep is the guarantee of our quality of life. Wearable devices such as smart watches can be used as portable tools to monitor physical health and are widely used in the field of sleep monitoring. Early smart watches or other wearable devices mainly used the monitoring of human activity data to record sleep. This monitoring and recording method has been proved by the market to be insufficient. Because sleep is judged only by the amount of exercise, it can only record the time in bed, turning over during sleep, and wake up during sleep. There is a huge gap between the results of such monitoring sleep monitoring and the real physiological sleep. For sleep, it is not enough to have information such as falling asleep, waking up, and sleep duration. Faced with sleep problems that cannot be detected, there is no more precise and accurate sleep data, there are sleep problems and there is no way to start, trying to solve sleep problems but still ineffective, and many other problems, the leading solution service provider in the smart watch industry-Shenzhen Veeepoo Technology In 2019, a new scientific sleep monitoring algorithm was launched to restore the sleep cycle with accurate and detailed sleep data. Smart watches equipped with scientific sleep monitoring algorithms have been sought after by the domestic and foreign markets as soon as they were launched. Shenzhen Veepoo Technology also Become the second technology company in the world to master the high-accuracy-sleep monitoring algorithm of smart watches after Huawei technology

The smart watch monitors sleep. The smart watch solution of Veepoo Technology has the industry’s leading scientific sleep monitoring technology. Through real-time monitoring of human pulse wave signals, parameters related to sleep are obtained to judge the sleep process. The scientific sleep algorithm of the smart watch of Veepoo Technology can continuously obtain the pulse wave signal of the human body every second, and continuously calculate the changes of human physiological parameters. Through the analysis of the signal parameters related to sleep, it is determined to fall asleep, turn over, and wake up at night. , Rapid eye movement, light sleep, deep sleep and other sleep states specific time. At the same time, it monitors the changes of human physiological parameters during sleep, and accurately judges the abnormal changes of premature beats and HRV during sleep. Based on the above algorithms and functions, the smart watch can accurately judge falling asleep, turning over, waking up at night, rapid eye movement, light sleep, deep sleep time, and monitoring the changes in the body state during sleep. The smart watch solution of Veepoo Technology can also According to the test results, accurate health guidance programs are provided to solve problems such as difficulty falling asleep, getting up at night, sleep irritability, etc., which can fully meet the various needs of sleep monitoring.

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