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RIG Reminder-Achievement|Movement|Disconnect

Achievement Reminder
Setting your own steps goal. Once you reach it, your watch will notify you and give you a medal to inspire you Open "Veepoo Health", go to "Mine". Tap "Steps goal" and change the value before tapping "Save" button.

Movement Reminder

Your watch can remind you to do more movements when a small amount of exercise . Time duration of reminder as well as interval can only be setting on "Veepoo Health" APP Setting :Veepoo Health: Connect your watch, and go to "Mine" > "My device" > "Sedentary setting". Tap "Save" button after setting "Start time", "Stop time" and "Reminder interval".

Watch RIG: Find Settings on the Watch interface,tap Switch,Tap Movement Rminder.

Disconnect Reminder
Swiping down from your watch face to "Control Center" to check your Bluetooth status. You can let your watch alert you by vibrating and notification when it loses connection with your phone

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