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Scientific sleep from Veepoo


The development of smart watches may advance by leaps and bounds in 2021, and their health application value will become a turning point in the development of smart wearables in 2021, and various health scenarios will be widely popular. Sleep is the guarantee of our quality of life. Wearable devices such as smart watches can be used as portable tools to monitor physical health and are widely used in the field of sleep monitoring. Early smart watches or other wearable devices mainly used the monitoring of human activity data to record sleep. This monitoring and recording method has been proved by the market to be insufficient. Because sleep is judged only by the amount of exercise, it can only record the time in bed, turning over during sleep, and wake up during sleep. There is a huge gap between the results of such monitoring sleep monitoring and the real physiological sleep. For sleep, it is not enough to have information such as falling asleep, waking up, and sleep duration. Faced with sleep problems, there is no way to detect them, there are no more precise and accurate sleep data, there are sleep problems and there is no way to start, and there are many problems that try to solve the sleep problems but still have no effect.

The leading solution provider in the smart watch industry-Shenzhen Veepoo Technology launched a new scientific sleep monitoring algorithm in 2019, restoring the sleep cycle with accurate and detailed sleep data, and the smart watch equipped with scientific sleep monitoring algorithm was launched It has been sought after by the domestic and foreign markets, and Shenzhen Veepoo Technology has also become the second technology company in the world to master the high-accuracy sleep monitoring algorithm of smart bracelets after Huawei technology.

Take the scientific sleep application of Veepoo Technology as an example. When the user turns on scientific sleep tracking, the terminal device can automatically monitor the time to fall asleep, wake up time, deep sleep/light sleep, and analyze the overall sleep quality, sleep problems and sleep suggestions. The exercise heart rate of Veepoo can also track the real-time heart rate of the wearer during exercise, making the smart bracelet a more professional personal trainer. In addition to telling the user the daily exercise path, calories burned and history, it also displays the completion of exercise in real time. In addition to the rate, it also continuously prompts effective exercise and warns of excessive or insufficient exercise. It is conceivable that as more high-accuracy monitoring solutions are widely used in smart watches, smart watches will be more and more highly recognized by the market.

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