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Veepoo Smartwatch ECG Quick facts

Smartwatch and Smart wearables ECG
Smartwatch and Smart wearables ECG

The electrocardiogram is one of the most commonly used clinical examinations and is widely used in health tracking. Nowadays you can even capture medical-grade ECG right on your wrist within 30 seconds using Veepoo's smartwatch or smart wearable.

ECG Applications include:

1. Record the electrical activity of the normal heart of the human body.

2. Help diagnose arrhythmia.

3. Help diagnose myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, and location.

4. Judge the artificial heart pacing status.

5. Determine the effect of drugs or electrolytes on the heart.

6. Diagnose enlarged and thick heart.

Get a medical-grade smart watch/wearable from Veepoo today and start taking ECGs to keep track of your heart health !

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