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Watch RIG Basics Operation Guide

Turn On Watch: If your Watch RIG is off, press and hold the Side Button for 3s until the face apears and the watch vibrates (you might see a black screen for a short time first).
Turn Off Watch: Normally, you leave your Watch RIG on all the time, but if you need to turn it off, press and hold the Side Button for 3s until the Power Off Confirmation appear, then tap the Power Off button. (You can't turn off your Watch RIG while charging. To turn it off, disconnect it from the charger first.
Gestures: Swipe to switch screens. Swipe right from the edge to return to the parent screen. Press and hold for more actions. Function Screen: After going to "Home Screen (face)", press the Side Button to access "Function Screen". At this screen, you may use multiple functions as you like . Wake the display: You can wake your watch display in two ways: ·Turn your wrist and let your watch facing up. You wactch sleeps again when you let you watch not facing up. ·Press the Side Button. Factory Reset You can erase your all Content and Settings. After the reset finishes, your watch restart as a new one APP Veepoo Health: Connect your watch, and go to "Mine" > "My device" > "Factory Reset". After the operation, all functions and settings return to default. Watch RIG: After going to "Home Screen", press the Side Button to access "Function Screen". Open "Settings" (Figure 2-1-4), then go to "System" (Figure 2-1-5) > "Clear Data" (Figure 2-1-6) Charge your watch Watch RIG vibrates to remind you and displays "Low Battery" After placing your watch onto the Charging Cable, you see a charging animation. Your watch turns on automatically while charging. You can't operate it as well. Firmware upgrade: As there is a new firmware for your watch, open "Veepoo Health" and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Go to "Mine" > "Watch RIG", then tap the "Firmware upgrade". If the firmware is the newest, you see "This is the latest version". About Watch:You can view your watch's information in it in these two way: Swipe down to go to "Contol Center" from face, tap "System" to view it; Swipe down to go to "Contol Center" from face (or press the Side Button to go to "Function Sceen" > "Settings"), and tap "System" to view it

Control Center:swipe from up side.choose what you need and tap it.

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