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Why Spo2 smartwatches are more effective


For many consumers, they have recently seen a lot of promotion and sales of blood oxygen smartwatches on the market. However, many consumers express certain doubts about the blood oxygen measurement function of this smartwatch. According to Shenzhen Veepoo Technology, the blood oxygen monitoring function of the smartwatch actually judges whether the human body is in a healthy physical state by measuring the human arterial blood oxygen saturation. The blood oxygen saturation measured by the smartwatch specifically refers to the hemoglobin content in the blood combined with oxygen, which is the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood. Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. launched intelligent terminal products with reflective blood oxygen monitoring and pulse rate monitoring algorithms in 2017, and was the first to obtain domestic medical device certification in 2019 and obtain the national second-class medical device certificate. Their blood oxygen bracelets can not only monitor basic personal information, such as step counting, sedentary reminders, stopwatches, alarm clocks, find your phone, low battery reminders, incoming call reminders, mute and rejection. The blood oxygen bracelet can also realize real-time continuous monitoring of pulse rate and continuous monitoring of blood oxygen at night, allowing users to clearly grasp their own health data such as blood oxygen and pulse rate.

Why do people now like to use blood oxygen smartwatches to measure the blood oxygen concentration in the body? For such a problem, first of all, people pay more attention to their own health, especially when the blood oxygen saturation of the human body is below 94%, it will be regarded as insufficient oxygen supply in the body. According to relevant clinical experiments, many diseases can be found. In the early stage, some symptoms will cause hypoxia in the human body, which will affect the normal metabolism of human cells. In severe cases, it will threaten life safety. Therefore, the blood oxygen of the human body A real-time monitoring of the concentration is a very conducive way to observe the state of human health.

Compared with a method of using a blood oxygen smart watch to detect human blood pressure concentration, the original method of measuring blood pressure concentration is to collect blood first, and then conduct electrochemical analysis through a professional blood gas analyzer, and finally pass Professional calculation method to get human blood oxygen saturation. However, for such a traditional method, it can be said that the steps are very complicated, and there is no way to achieve real-time continuous detection. In comparison, the blood oxygen smart watch simplifies the detection steps. Not only can it be worn on the hand, it can understand the value of blood oxygen saturation in the current human body, and it can achieve real-time, effective and continuous monitoring. People who can help wear a watch have a very clear grasp of their blood oxygen concentration state. Therefore, this is an important reason why many consumers now buy such blood oxygen smart watches. The blood oxygen wristband of Veepoo Technology Company can continuously monitor blood oxygen in real time.

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